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Do my stripes match?

If your seat gets repaired & renewed, would it be called a butt-lift?!?

Sure, why not?! Right?!

Here is the latest in mini-projects that I've completed, seat re-upholstery for a friend's dining chairs.


I have had this fabric for probably 3 years and finally found a home for it. With only 1 yard on hand (and most likely no more available), I laid the seat cushions out and saw that I had just enough for the 4 chairs. Its important (at least to me!) to have all 4 chairs match as far as the stripes go, so I carefully lined everything up and went to get my scissors. When I came back (picture me running with scissors), I found one of the cushions on the floor and the fabric moved (Betty!?!). Rather than being the careful, measure 2x's/cut once, kinda gal that I am, I decided to eyeball it...yeah, that was a good idea.

I was off by one 2" stripe. Oopsy! Now, my stripes won't match! Yikes! I couldn't stand the thought of 2 of the chairs having stripes in different places, so I got out the sewing machine and sewed the 2" mishap back onto the fabric. Luckily, you'll never see the seam because its on the bottom of the seat cushion.

Tragedy averted! Stripes match! Thank goodness!

I think the chairs look great with their new "butt-lift".




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