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Everyone has ART in their HEART

There are few things that have to "happen" for me to consider my day a success. Creating something, anything is one thing that makes me instantly feel like I'm a success. Sometimes that creation is what some would call art, other times, I'll define creation as merely creating a good time...you gotta make it easy for yourself to succeed sometimes, right?! Sometimes my "creations" don't turn out exactly how I intended...sometimes they're better...sometimes they're not, but they're all from my heart...all my creations are expressions of my heart.

I think this is true for everyone. Everyone has a heart...and the word art is already in it. So of course you have art in your heart! Its just a matter of how much heart you put in your art...the more heart the better. I think the amount of heart you used is evident in the end product.

I have a friend that struggles with creativity. She doesn't seem to think she has any artistic talent or is very creative. I don't think this is true...at all. I think she just hasn't gotten a chance to do artsy types of things too often. Every artist was an amateur first. (that's a quote from someone, but I don't know who)

There are 2 things that I think help with creativity, art, and well...living in general.

1. Try not to compare yourself to others...you will always be able to find someone that YOU THINK has done something better than you.

2. Use your heart. Any action, when it comes from the heart is good. You can't go wrong, because things that come from the heart are really just expressions of love...and you never go wrong by loving.


This post is inspired by my friend Tish...who I love!!



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