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Faux Louboutin Glitter Shoes

I've been wanting to get on the Glitter Shoe bandwagon for some time now and FINALLY, I found the perfect pair of pumps for the project. Unfortunately, they're not my shoes...they're a friends pair. They were white and had never been worn (who wears white pumps?!...before or after Labor Day?), but had a great pointy toe, so it least they had that going for them!

Ugly White BCB Girls Shoes


I read a thousand and one glitter shoe tutorials and still felt like there had to be more to it than just putting glitter in some Mod Podge and painting the shoe. That is pretty much all you do, but I did find a couple of hitches.


One, I wanted to paint the soles Louboutin Red...easy enough, right? Well kinda. First you have to find the right paint. I thought I found the right red at the craft store, but wondered...why is the cap a translucent red? Hmmm...why do you think that is?  Because its a translucent red, of course! So the first spray of red was the right color, but you could still see the BCB Girls logo...kinda kills the illusion of them Louboutins. So I dug up some red (was more of a barn red) spray paint and sprayed with that red (covering the logo this time) THEN sprayed the translucent red. Looked pretty great! Unfortunately, I don't have a real pair of Louboutins to check the accuracy of the red.

Red Soles!


So now I've got red soles. Its Glitter Time!  I add the glitter to the Mod Podge and start painting it on. Hmm...not glittery enough. I think maybe it was because the Mod Podge I used was the Matte finish. No one wants Matte Glitter...seems like an oxymoron to me. So they needed to be more glittery and I was already getting frustrated that I didn't seem to be able to simply mix glitter and glue...what to do? what to do? More glitter of course!

This time I just painted the shoe with the Mod Podge and poured the glitter over it. Messy? Absolutely!  More Glittery! For Sure! Finally Success!

More Glitter, Please!


After letting them dry, I brushed off the excess glitter (getting it further embedded in my carpet, scattered all over the patio, and stuck in my dog's hair). I coated the shoes with a clear (glossy!) polyurethane spray...and VOILA! Faux Louboutin Shoes!


I was pretty pleased with the final result AND so was my friend. Unfortunately, her feet are soooo small (5 1/2) that I couldn't even pretend to wear them...they barely even fit on my hand!










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