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Do my stripes match?

If your seat gets repaired & renewed, would it be called a butt-lift?!?

Sure, why not?! Right?!

Here is the latest in mini-projects that I've completed, seat re-upholstery for a friend's dining chairs.


I have had this fabric for probably 3 years and finally found a home for it. With only 1 yard on hand (and most likely no more available), I laid the seat cushions out and saw that I had just enough for the 4 chairs. Its important (at least to me!) to have all 4 chairs match as far as the stripes go, so I carefully lined everything up and went to get my scissors. When I came back (picture me running with scissors), I found one of the cushions on the floor and the fabric moved (Betty!?!). Rather than being the careful, measure 2x's/cut once, kinda gal that I am, I decided to eyeball it...yeah, that was a good idea.

I was off by one 2" stripe. Oopsy! Now, my stripes won't match! Yikes! I couldn't stand the thought of 2 of the chairs having stripes in different places, so I got out the sewing machine and sewed the 2" mishap back onto the fabric. Luckily, you'll never see the seam because its on the bottom of the seat cushion.

Tragedy averted! Stripes match! Thank goodness!

I think the chairs look great with their new "butt-lift".




Everyone has ART in their HEART

There are few things that have to "happen" for me to consider my day a success. Creating something, anything is one thing that makes me instantly feel like I'm a success. Sometimes that creation is what some would call art, other times, I'll define creation as merely creating a good time...you gotta make it easy for yourself to succeed sometimes, right?! Sometimes my "creations" don't turn out exactly how I intended...sometimes they're better...sometimes they're not, but they're all from my heart...all my creations are expressions of my heart.

I think this is true for everyone. Everyone has a heart...and the word art is already in it. So of course you have art in your heart! Its just a matter of how much heart you put in your art...the more heart the better. I think the amount of heart you used is evident in the end product.

I have a friend that struggles with creativity. She doesn't seem to think she has any artistic talent or is very creative. I don't think this is true...at all. I think she just hasn't gotten a chance to do artsy types of things too often. Every artist was an amateur first. (that's a quote from someone, but I don't know who)

There are 2 things that I think help with creativity, art, and well...living in general.

1. Try not to compare yourself to others...you will always be able to find someone that YOU THINK has done something better than you.

2. Use your heart. Any action, when it comes from the heart is good. You can't go wrong, because things that come from the heart are really just expressions of love...and you never go wrong by loving.


This post is inspired by my friend Tish...who I love!!



Faux Louboutin Glitter Shoes

I've been wanting to get on the Glitter Shoe bandwagon for some time now and FINALLY, I found the perfect pair of pumps for the project. Unfortunately, they're not my shoes...they're a friends pair. They were white and had never been worn (who wears white pumps?!...before or after Labor Day?), but had a great pointy toe, so it least they had that going for them!

Ugly White BCB Girls Shoes


I read a thousand and one glitter shoe tutorials and still felt like there had to be more to it than just putting glitter in some Mod Podge and painting the shoe. That is pretty much all you do, but I did find a couple of hitches.


One, I wanted to paint the soles Louboutin Red...easy enough, right? Well kinda. First you have to find the right paint. I thought I found the right red at the craft store, but wondered...why is the cap a translucent red? Hmmm...why do you think that is?  Because its a translucent red, of course! So the first spray of red was the right color, but you could still see the BCB Girls logo...kinda kills the illusion of them Louboutins. So I dug up some red (was more of a barn red) spray paint and sprayed with that red (covering the logo this time) THEN sprayed the translucent red. Looked pretty great! Unfortunately, I don't have a real pair of Louboutins to check the accuracy of the red.

Red Soles!


So now I've got red soles. Its Glitter Time!  I add the glitter to the Mod Podge and start painting it on. Hmm...not glittery enough. I think maybe it was because the Mod Podge I used was the Matte finish. No one wants Matte Glitter...seems like an oxymoron to me. So they needed to be more glittery and I was already getting frustrated that I didn't seem to be able to simply mix glitter and glue...what to do? what to do? More glitter of course!

This time I just painted the shoe with the Mod Podge and poured the glitter over it. Messy? Absolutely!  More Glittery! For Sure! Finally Success!

More Glitter, Please!


After letting them dry, I brushed off the excess glitter (getting it further embedded in my carpet, scattered all over the patio, and stuck in my dog's hair). I coated the shoes with a clear (glossy!) polyurethane spray...and VOILA! Faux Louboutin Shoes!


I was pretty pleased with the final result AND so was my friend. Unfortunately, her feet are soooo small (5 1/2) that I couldn't even pretend to wear them...they barely even fit on my hand!










She's done it again...she's made it lovely!

You all know that I'm new to this blogging thing...and yes, when I say "you all", I mean all 2 of you that read my posts...but I digress.

So there's this gal that has a blog that I subscribe to and her name is Nicole. Her blog is "Making it Lovely" and she definitely has been an inspiration when it came to me starting to blog. This gal is amazing and I really admire her...oh geez, sounds like a total girl crush, probably more of a blog crush.

I should probably mention that she doesn't know me in the least or that I'm over here gushing about her...it'll just be our secret.


Anyhoo, she's done it again, she's gone and made something lovely. Today its Eleanor's wall!


...another reason to love Nicole, she's named her daughter Eleanor. That was my grandma's name! Not that we ever called her Eleanor, but it definitely makes me think of her when I hear it...such an old fashioned name...lovely.


So here's what I'm coveting today from Nicole's post: Wall Dots!  How cool are these?


Wall dots by Chive. 6' diameter vases for your wall!


These guys have a ton of cool vases! And so reasonable too!

Oh and no, these guys don't know me either.

Just an unsolicited plug from me.

Maybe I can count it as my good deed for the day?!

Sure why not.



File Cabinet Planter

Yippee! A finished Project!

Turning an old file cabinet into a planter box was a bit more difficult than I imagined. I had been seeing these on pinterest for a while now and thought it would be easy and inexpensive.  I was wrong on both counts.


First, you have to find an old file cabinet...and I do mean old. Most file cabinets these days aren't made with a solid bottom, so you have to find one from before 1950 if you don't want to add more work to this already labor intensive project. After much searching, I finally found one on Craigslist. The guy I bought it from thought I was crazy when I asked if it had solid bottom. He said, "I don't think they make them that way." I said, "Your cabinet has brass handles, so its probably old enough to be solid."  About 20mins later, he calls me back and says, "WOW! It has a solid bottom!" I say, "Sold!" I literally LOL'd when he said, "Well...I'm asking $30 for it, but since its so OLD and RARE, I'll give it to you for $25".  I like the way he haggles!

Old file cabinet before the metal dividers where removed.



File Cabinet with Solid Bottom...Check!

Now, I've got to get rid of the dividers that held the drawers in place. With sparks flying, I cut them out with my reciprocating saw. Success!


Hollow File Cabinet...Check!

Next, I've got to build a box for the inside. The weight of the soil and watering would be too much for just the metal file cabinet so it needed its own heavy duty box. Off to my friend Obie at Butterworth Designs. He's got all the cool tools and skill to help with box.  He cut the pieces and I screwed it together.

Interior Box made with Butterworth Designs.


Box for inside the File Cabinet...Check!


I wanted wheels on my planter so I bought some small moving dollies and bolted them to the bottom of the file cabinet and attached 4x4 blocks to them from the inside of the cabinet. This allowed the box to be the right level for the top of the planter (using less wood & soil!) and giving it better drainage. I drilled holes haphazardly in both the box and the file cabinet for water drainage.

But wait...there's still MORE work to be done.

The file cabinet needed to be sanded and painted. I purchased a spray gun so it would be easier to paint...yeah right. After figuring out that my compressor wasn't strong enough for the spray gun, I bought a new compressor. Nice, but it was yet another unexpected expense.

Finally, I was able to get the spray gun to work so I primed it, sanded it some more (Drips! There is definitely a learning curve for a spray gun!), added the final paint, sanded some drips, added more paint. And then when I thought I would be re-sanding the whole cabinet again if I dared to add another coat...I WAS FINISHED!

File Cabinet turned planter...before the planting.  Can you see the "blemishes"?


It took a ton of soil and 6 Horsetail plants to truly call the project complete.



Finished File Cabinet Planter with Horsetail. More embellishments to come!




I'll give ya something to blog about...

My first blog post ever and of course I have no idea where to begin. When you read the title of this post it should sound like someone saying "I'll give ya something to cry about",  but of course you should be blogging rather than crying. I know, oh so clever. Not really, but you gotta start somewhere.  When I read the title, I like to hear it delivered in my Grandma Betty's voice (now deceased), a little gruff and all business. Reminds me of when she'd say, "Do you like the way you're put together?".  I could never keep a straight face when she said that. My answer was always, "No. I do NOT like the way I was put together. Why am I flat chested and you're a 42DD?" Whatever had prompted her question was forgotten once she realized she'd won the genetic lottery on the mammaries.


I've been hesitant about starting a blog for a long time now (looks like I finally got over it, eh?), I just find it hard to believe that anyone is really interested in Bk and the goings on of gumption decor, but I suppose stranger things have happened. Not to mention that there are some really bad blogs out there so I don't think I'll be the worst blogger in the world or anything (fingers crossed!).


So whew...I think this is. I think this is my first post.  Hmm needs a picture...It should be of Grandma Betty, but there's no way I'm going to go the trouble of scanning one now...its 3:05am and WAY past my bedtime already.  I guess you'll just have to settle for one of me and her namesake: Black Betty.


Nite Nite

Bk & Black Betty


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