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My first blog post ever and of course I have no idea where to begin. When you read the title of this post it should sound like someone saying "I'll give ya something to cry about",  but of course you should be blogging rather than crying. I know, oh so clever. Not really, but you gotta start somewhere.  When I read the title, I like to hear it delivered in my Grandma Betty's voice (now deceased), a little gruff and all business. Reminds me of when she'd say, "Do you like the way you're put together?".  I could never keep a straight face when she said that. My answer was always, "No. I do NOT like the way I was put together. Why am I flat chested and you're a 42DD?" Whatever had prompted her question was forgotten once she realized she'd won the genetic lottery on the mammaries.


I've been hesitant about starting a blog for a long time now (looks like I finally got over it, eh?), I just find it hard to believe that anyone is really interested in Bk and the goings on of gumption decor, but I suppose stranger things have happened. Not to mention that there are some really bad blogs out there so I don't think I'll be the worst blogger in the world or anything (fingers crossed!).


So whew...I think this is. I think this is my first post.  Hmm needs a picture...It should be of Grandma Betty, but there's no way I'm going to go the trouble of scanning one now...its 3:05am and WAY past my bedtime already.  I guess you'll just have to settle for one of me and her namesake: Black Betty.


Nite Nite

Bk & Black Betty


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