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She's done it again...she's made it lovely!

You all know that I'm new to this blogging thing...and yes, when I say "you all", I mean all 2 of you that read my posts...but I digress.

So there's this gal that has a blog that I subscribe to and her name is Nicole. Her blog is "Making it Lovely" and she definitely has been an inspiration when it came to me starting to blog. This gal is amazing and I really admire her...oh geez, sounds like a total girl crush, probably more of a blog crush.

I should probably mention that she doesn't know me in the least or that I'm over here gushing about her...it'll just be our secret.


Anyhoo, she's done it again, she's gone and made something lovely. Today its Eleanor's wall!


...another reason to love Nicole, she's named her daughter Eleanor. That was my grandma's name! Not that we ever called her Eleanor, but it definitely makes me think of her when I hear it...such an old fashioned name...lovely.


So here's what I'm coveting today from Nicole's post: Wall Dots!  How cool are these?


Wall dots by Chive. 6' diameter vases for your wall!


These guys have a ton of cool vases! And so reasonable too!

Oh and no, these guys don't know me either.

Just an unsolicited plug from me.

Maybe I can count it as my good deed for the day?!

Sure why not.



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